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Seven Reasons Analogic Checkpoint CT Leads the Aviation Security Industry

Posted by Analogic Security on 6/30/17 3:35 PM
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There are a number of very good technology providers in the aviation security industry, including some that are now launching checkpoint CT solutions.

So what sets Analogic's Checkpoint CT apart from the alternatives? Why should airlines, airports, and passengers look for Analogic CT?

It's not just one reason, it's a combination of advantages that together have resulted in our industry leadership. Here are seven of the most important ones:

  1. Decades of innovation and industry leadership. No other company comes close to Analogic as a proven CT partner. We launched our first Checkpoint CT system eight years ago , and the industry is still catching up. We've deployed tens of thousands of CT imaging systems for mission-critical medical applications, where our image quality helps save lives. Our new ConneCT is more than a copy of existing CT systems, it is next-generation security screening that meets emerging security threats and increasing passenger volumes.

  2. Superior 3D Image Quality. Ask people who operate security systems—image quality is critical to security and checkpoint efficiency. It helps find threats faster, avoid false alarms, and make automated threat detection easier. Each year, Analogic engineers focus on continually improving the image quality of our CT systems. It's part of our corporate DNA. Seeing is believing—contact Analogic to view the ConneCT's comprehensive image library or visit us for a live system demonstration.
    ConneCT Screenshot 070517.png










3.  Multiple Innovations to Increase Reliability. Better reliability, better uptime, and better availability all have a huge impact on operating costs and customer satisfaction. Analogic's ConneCT features a unique no-bearing gantry and non-contact power system that reduces moving parts, increases reliability, and eliminates brush dust and consumable brushes.

4. Airport Friendly Design. With its streamlined design, ConneCT is the first security system that looks as though it belongs in today's world-class airports. But ConneCT's design excellence is more than skin deep. It's footprint is comparable to current multiview X-ray systems, making upgrades easy for airports while its gull-wing covers and modular components allow for easy access during servicing.
ConneCT dimension image 070517.png

5. Next-Generation Operator Interface. To minimize training, the ConneCT's operator interface incorporates touch-screen capabilities found on smartphones and tablets, and an additional surface rendering for easier shape recognition and faster alarm resolution.

6. Interoperable Network Architecture. ConneCT is the first checkpoint system designed for the 21st century networking environment and features a new software architecture and modern software applications to enable security, interoperability, and use of third-party software applications.

7. Superior Return on Investment. Together, these powerful features add up to better security, more passenger satisfaction, and lower total cost of ownership. We know each airport is unique—contact Analogic today to see how ConneCT can help you achieve your goals.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! To learn more about the ConneCT, contact our director of global sales, Jonathan Stone,, or visit

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