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Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018: Highlights and New Technologies

Posted by Analogic Security on 4/13/18 8:41 AM
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Our Analogic Security and Detection team recently returned from the 2018 Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) in beautiful but very chilly Stockholm, Sweden. Despite the occasional snow flurry, the event was a major success for us. We conducted checkpoint CT demonstrations of our ConneCT product for more than 25 airports located worldwide and spoke to current and potential distributor-sales partners from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Here are a few of our takeaways from the expo:

Checkpoint CT technology is the acknowledged “next generation” of aviation security. AtIMG_0397 (1) last year’s PTE in Amsterdam, Analogic’s ConneCT was the only checkpoint CT system on display. While there was a great deal of interest in checkpoint CT technology, it was clear that many airports were just beginning to seriously consider it. This year, the attitude of technology vendors and airports alike was completely different. Rapiscan Systems, for example, exhibited its 920 CT, a checkpoint CT system powered exclusively by Analogic CT technology. This is a great validation of Analogic’s technology leadership! This year, airport customers were also talking specifics: how and when they were going to upgrade their legacy 2D X-ray to CT technology. All in all, an incredible shift in only 12 months!

Checkpoint CT was just one example of aviation technology innovation at PTE. During our lunch and coffee breaks, the Analogic team visited some exciting technology vendors. Below are our picks for technologies and companies to watch in 2018 and beyond:

ICTS InnerEye. This Israeli founded technology, now offered by security screening company ICTS claims to increase the rate of image analysis by checkpoint operators by up to 20x! The result could be a major improvement in checkpoint efficiency. How do they propose to do it? By using the operator’s brain waves (no, we are not making this up). Watch their video and see for yourself. 

Scarabee Aviation Group. Hands down the best barista and friendliest staff (other than the Analogic team of course) at PTE. They also have the most ambitious vision for transforming airports into truly passenger friendly, and even enticing environments, by integrating technology, human factors, and ergonomic design. As with checkpoint CT, the last 12 months have seen a dramatic adoption of their solutions worldwide. Click the image below for examples of their recent installations.


Genetec Security Platform. Analogic is leading the effort to encourage more cyber secure and interoperable aviation screening technologies. So, we are pleased to highlight Genetec, an IP networking company that is developing a powerful integration platform for surveillance and other types of airport data. We learned about Genetec from our Swedish sales partner, IP Security, and we believe their approach is where the aviation security industry needs to go. Watch their video below.

If you were able to stop by our booth at PTE this year – thank you! And if we missed you, please feel free to contact us to learn more about the Analogic ConneCT.

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