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The State of Aviation Security, A Personal View: Mark Laustra

Posted by Analogic Security on 1/11/18 8:00 AM

Aviation security professionals have long warned about the ability of terrorists to find new  ways to attack the flying public, and since 9/11 it seems every   few years we have witnessed a new, chilling example of   terrorist ingenuity and flexibility.

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Adoption of New Aviation Security Technology in the United States: Interview with Michael Higdon

Posted by Analogic Security on 12/21/17 8:00 AM

In the United States, the development and adoption of new aviation security technology is often the result of a complex process involving not only airports, airlines, and technology manufacturers – but most notably the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and theU.S. Congress. To help make sense of this often-confusing dynamic, we turned to Michael Higdon, founder and CEO of consulting firm A1.9 Strategies LLC. Prior to starting A1.9, Higdon worked for a top 10 Washington lobbying firm and was chief of staff to U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.). In total, Higdon spent 14 years on Capitol Hill working with Congressional appropriations subcommittees including Homeland Security, Transportation, Energy & Water, Defense, Interior-EPA and Agriculture.

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2D X-Ray Compared to 3D CT: Lessons Learned from Medicine

Posted by Analogic Security on 12/14/17 9:41 AM

Analogic has been leading the medical and aviation security industry in developing advanced Computed Tomography (CT) imaging and automated threat detection algorithms for decades.

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Interview with Jose Freig, Chief Security Officer, American Airlines

Posted by Analogic Security on 11/28/17 9:34 AM

American Airlines is the world’s largest commercial airline.The company connects approximately 350 destinations worldwide and serves over 500,000 passengers per day. We spent a few minutes with American’s Chief Security Officer, Mr. Jose Freig, to understand what the company is focused on and where he sees the industry going.

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The DeteCT Aviation Security Expert Interview with Steve Wolff

Posted by Analogic Security on 9/29/17 6:56 PM

We wanted a big picture perspective of aviation security technology, so we interviewed Steve Wolff. After leading Marketing and Engineering for Quantum Magnetics and founding InVision Technologies, he is now an independent consultant, editorial board member of Aviation Security International Magazine, and vice chair of the Concealed Explosives Detection Workshop.

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The DICOS Interoperability Standard: What is it? Why is it important? Why does Analogic ConneCT support it?

Posted by Analogic Security on 9/29/17 6:47 PM

PCs, tablets, and smartphones share images seamlessly. Imagine how much less productive life would be if they couldn't? (Those of us over 40 remember, and it was painful)

But in aviation security, it's still 1995, when Apple and Windows PCs didn't talk nicely to one other. Unfortunately, most aviation security technology is not designed for secure data sharing. 

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Analogic ConneCT Achieves U.S. TSA, ECAC Certification

Posted by Analogic Security on 9/29/17 4:08 PM

In the space of just a few weeks, Analogic's ConneCT achieved critical milestones with the U.S. TSA and ECAC, the regulatory agency followed by many airports globally. These certifications mean airports worldwide can purchase and deploy the ConneCT and benefit from better security, faster throughput, and lower cost of ownership. Read the news releases on U.S. TSA and ECAC certifications.

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Seven Reasons Analogic Checkpoint CT Leads the Aviation Security Industry

Posted by Analogic Security on 6/30/17 3:35 PM

There are a number of very good technology providers in the aviation security industry, including some that are now launching checkpoint CT solutions.

So what sets Analogic's Checkpoint CT apart from the alternatives? Why should airlines, airports, and passengers look for Analogic CT?

It's not just one reason, it's a combination of advantages that together have resulted in our industry leadership. Here are seven of the most important ones:

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American Airlines Partners with Analogic ConneCT

Posted by Analogic Security on 6/30/17 3:27 PM

We're proud to announce that American Airlines, the world's largest airline and a leader in aviation technology and innovation, has chosen to partner with Analogic to use our ConneCT checkpoint system.

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The DeteCT Aviation Security Expert Interview with David Trembaczowski-Ryder, Head of Aviation Security for ACI Europe

Posted by Analogic Security on 5/8/17 3:24 PM

There aren’t many people with a better understanding of aviation security regulations than David Trembaczowski-Ryder. He joined ACI Europe in February 2010 as senior policy manager, responsible for aviation security issues. In August 2013, he was promoted to head of aviation security. David is a retired UK Royal Air Force wing commander, and former fast jet navigator/weapon system operator.

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