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American Airlines Partners with Analogic ConneCT

Posted by Analogic Security on 6/30/17 3:27 PM
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We're proud to announce that American Airlines, the world's largest airline and a leader in aviation technology and innovation, has chosen to partner with Analogic to use our ConneCT checkpoint system.

ConneCT Checkpoint.jpeg

This is great news for everyone, passengers, airports, airlines, and regulators. When a company of American's stature and leadership chooses ConneCT, it means Analogic's checkpoint CT has arrived as the preferred solution for advanced carry-on baggage screening. With it, there is the real possibility that passengers will be able to keep liquids and personal electronics in their carry-on bags, and that airport lines will be reduced significantly. It will encourage the best minds in the industry to develop complementary software apps that can run on the ConneCT interoperable network platform and to develop remote screening and automated tray return systems that will facilitate travel.  To read the full American Airlines press release, click here. 


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