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Innovative Features Make ConneCT The Best Choice for Checkpoint CT

Posted by Analogic Security on 2/22/18 10:14 AM
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In a recent blog post, From COBRA to ConneCT: Innovations That Make Analogic Checkpoint CT Industry Leading, we compared and contrasted the differences between our first-generation COBRA checkpoint CT system, which was launched in 2007, and our new next-generation Analogic ConneCT system. In addition to the technical innovations that have gone into the next-generation ConneCT system, there are additional image-analysis and user-interface features that can only be found on the Analogic ConneCT system. These features, which we discuss below, not only help address passenger throughput needs but also directly improve aviation security and threat detection – the core mission for any checkpoint CT system.

With over 1200 aviation security CT systems installed globally, we understand that for many airports, better threat detection requires making it easy for human operators to quickly analyze images of screened carry-on bags. That is why when we designed ConneCT, we included a powerful combination of image analysis tools that no one else in the industry provides:

  • Only the ConneCT offers an intuitive multi-touch, touchscreen operator interface, similar to smartphones and tablets, for instant zoom and image rotation. Because most operators are familiar with this type of touchscreen technology, the training and user-experience for operator’s is simplified. 

  • Only the ConneCT offers operators an optional surface rendering view of a screened bag for additional image interpretation data – and fewer secondary searches and false alarms.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 1.03.45 PM.pngThe right-hand side of this image provides a surface rendering view of the contents of the screened bag - a capability only available on the ConneCT

  • High speed 3D image resolution. Of the leading checkpoint CT systems, only Analogic ConneCT is designed to maintain a 3D resolution of 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm voxels at a 0.15 meter / second belt speed. What this means is that the ConneCT can deliver the highest image resolution of any checkpoint CT system while maintaining high baggage throughput.

When you combine these features, the result is a checkpoint CT system that leads the industry in terms of making it easier to identify threats or clear false alarms. 

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